Deep Glow

GPU accelerated glow plugin that simulates optically correct light falloff for the most beautiful results. Available now!

Cartoon Moblur

Adds a stylish motion trail to your graphics, just like regular motion blur but more awesome.

Digit Fiddler

Simplifies animating numbers, currency, time and more. Supports variable decimal places and custom symbols. Coming Soon.

File Hunter

Hunts down your missing files so you don’t have to crawl through your assets manually.

Quick Chromatic Abberation

Free plugin that adds an RGB shift to emulate chromatic aberration. 

TextBox v2.0

Latest Greatest. Coming soon.

Shadow Studio

Simulates elegant, ray-traced shadows. Features modes such as soft, long, and radial shadow. 

Bezier Node

Simplifies the process of animating bezier curves, from 1000% curvy to straight line.


Adds a perfectly sized border that automatically updates with your text. 


Draws a shape behind your text that updates automatically. No more tediously aligning shapes to the size of your text.

Effect Matte

Adds a perfectly sized and customizable matte to your layer, removing the need for an additional layer to act as a track matte. 


Mix multiple keys in a single layer using masks or mattes. Coming soon.

OCD Renamer

Automatically rename layers based on effects, mattes, parents, or children.

Text Delay

Delay’s your text animation by character, word or line. Keeps your initial curves/easing.