About Us.


Plugin Everything, a business born from a single thought, “This could be easier.” Let us explain, we make the lives of our customers simpler by removing mundane and monotonous tasks that arise in the everyday workings of creative software use. 

With extensive experience both using, and developing software for, Adobe After Effects, we create tools to enhance the workflow and experience of artists around the globe. With our software being used by such teams as Google, Youtube, WarnerBros Studios and LinkedIn our products are recognised as top class and used world wide.

Founded by Sir James David Whiffin* in 2015, every line of code, every keystroke, was inspired by his mission to give people back their time, time in their day, time for their family, or just more time to make things greater. Joined by Digby Hogan in 2018, Plugin Everything became something bigger and looked to make a splash in the market and an impact in the lives of every artist who deals with the frustration of insufficient tools every day.

After 8 months of growth, and finding our feet, Matthew Alexander came on board, threw his hat in the ring, and sealed the companies founding fathers, as they say, “And then there were three.”

From that point onwards Plugin Everything continued to grow, making waves with plugins such as the acclaimed, “Deep Glow,” and so many more, continuing to release top notch products we finally moved into our first office in early 2019 in the Brisbane area.

Looking to make a mark, and change the industry for the better, we at Plugin Everything work tirelessly to bring you the best and most intuitive tools we can, with an exciting future ahead of us, a suite of software behind us, and so many more to come, we plan to become an industry leader, with a twist.

* James David Whiffin is not legally knighted.

Meet the team.


James Whiffin; Anal retentive about making things look good. His love affair with After Effects blossomed from the tender age of 13 where he used it to add sinfully bad composites in his lego stop motion films. As a film student dropout turned compositor, he always wanted to work on the Avatar sequels but all he could work on were Australian B movies that never made it to cinema. His first attempt at making a plugin was stacking 32 drop shadows atop each other, and thankfully these days his plugins are slightly better than that.

Favorite Saying: “Be brave, live with your heart on your sleeve & never doubt McDonalds free wifi!.”


Matthew Alexander; A keen mind looking to change the world. What Matthew lacks in experience he more than makes up for in his passion and creativity, driven by his curiosity Matthew brings varied disciplines and fields to the Plugin Everything team.

Graduating university at 19, Matthew quickly grew board with the lack of challenge in the film industry, instead electing to teach himself software development while working on a tv show under Digby Hogan at the Empire Post. Shortly after he decided to join James and Digby and became the final founding member of the growing software company.

Matthew’s childhood was not a normal one, strict and analytical parents with STEM backgrounds led him to start teaching himself film and VFX at the age of 11, and eventually build a 3d Scanning studio in his bedroom when he was 18. These, and many other projects, could not be completed without the drive to succeed and insatiable curiosity that was fostered throughout Matthews childhood and carried into his adult life, these principles are the foundation that led to his joining of Plugin Everything.

Today you’ll find Matthew in the Plugin Everything office, and not much more else, working on the next big project while balancing a dozen other things. Whilst Matthew’s experience is the most limited of the core team, he helps to bring structure and ruthless efficiency to the production of tools at Plugin Everything.

Favorite Saying: “Everything is impossible, until somebody comes along and makes it possible.”


Digby Hogan; a driven creative looking to always make a mark. With an extensive career in the film, tv and advertising, Digby brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Plugin Everything team. 

Co founding an award winning post production studio, The Empire Post, in 2015, Digby has since joined Plugin Everything to help grow this fast developing, and expanding, software company.

From a young age Digby was either going to be a pilot or soccer player, unfortunately dreams don’t always come true. With that lesson under his belt, Digby moved onwards, realising his love of motion picture and the creative world. Growing from there, the young Digby worked his made his way through school working on small productions and indie performances. Whilst, like all of our first work, these were rough and sometimes difficult to watch, they laid the foundation of a rewarding and exciting career within the film industry.

These days, Digby finds himself working collaboratively with various kinds of people, whether it’s making films and productions through The Empire Post, or helping to create the best tools imaginable, Digby brings his skills in business, and the creative world, to the Plugin Everything team.

Favorite Saying: “Do what others don’t, so you can have what others want.”