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A Paradigm Shift in After Effects Rendering Technology

Enjoy a longer break while your project renders at a snails pace thanks to Extended Coffee Break. Using highly un-optimised algorithms, ECB offers customisable CPU scalability without visual impact on your render.

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Enterprise Edition features powerful fine-tuning for GPU resources and memory usage/leakage, allowing you to get close to the metal from the comfort of the After Effects UI.

Guaranteed to bring your $8,000 workstation to a grinding halt.

“Flexible yet powerful. ECB Enterprise Edition empowers me to live my best life.”

- Andrew Khramer, founder of videococopops.net

Unbridled performance, without shitting on the planet.

Take an environmentally conscious coffee break. 100% of sales from the Enterprise Edition are donated to Carbon Fund so you can Reduce What You Can, Offset What You Can't™.

Extended Coffee Break is compatible with Windows & Mac, CS6 and up.