Show off your curves with Path Visualizer

Path Visualizer draws vertices, beziers and handles based on your text or paths. It updates live with any animations. Great for technical/blueprint styles or just showing off your phat curves.


  • Compatible with text, shape layers and masks

  • Updates live with animation

  • Different vertex types: Circle, diamond, square

  • Customize handle lengths, widths, colors, stroke

  • Easy to use animation system

  • Large number of stylistic parameters, customizable to suit any style

  • Left: Path Visualizer adapts to the scale of your text/path, allowing you to scale infinitely without loss of resolution.

Expanded UI shown

Expanded UI shown


  • Shape layer paths are compatible, but presets like polystar are not

  • Layer must be precomposed if using in 3D (example above right)

Path Visualizer is compatible with Win/Mac, CS6 and up.

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