TextBorder creates a perfectly sized and customisable border around your text that updates automatically.


  • Expansion (global)

  • Individual expansion (width, height, top, left, bottom, right)

  • Round edges & control which edges are round

  • Solid & Gradient fill

  • Dash options

  • Transform controls to animate the border independently from the text

  • Compatible with motion blur

  • Compatible with inbuilt text animation tools

  • Compatible with paragraph text & vertical text

  • Apply it directly to the text layer, so no need for parenting, mattes or expressions

TextBorder is currently compatible with CS6 to CC2018. Note that the 2018 version has better rotation mechanics, so it's recommended to use this version. 

Limitations: TextBorder is compatible with 3D text layers but does not take into account 3D transformations. Rest assured it does take into account 2D (X&Y) transforms.

TextBox is TextBorder's spirit-plugin that also draws a fill for text layers. If you find TextBorder useful then you'll likely love TextBox! 

We've added some new features to TextBorder such as gradient fill, dashes, individual expansion, general performance increases and more which will soon be making an appearance in TextBox.